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The system is based on state of the art Microsoft development tools, which are windows based. This fact has many ramifications.
  • Transactions are accomplished faster and easier in a windows environment. Our system is designed to process transactions more efficiently. 
  • The training time for new staff is decreased. On-line documentation helps training new staff members easier and expeditiously.
  • Data base inquiry capabilities are greatly enhanced.
  • The technology allows for new enhancements to be incorporated into the System much easier than older technologies. We are constantly adding new features and functions to the System.
  • The system can be easily interfaced to Your Client’s Property Management System, to accept case transactions.
  • The system has been installed and tested at many large Landlord & Tenant law firms and is fast and stable in high volume environments.
  • Most important, is that our system will improve your customer service and take tighter control of your back-office processing.
    • Our highly sophisticated Account Management Tickler System watches every transaction and quickly informs you if any action needs to be taken on a case.
    • Our Inquiries System gives you easy access to case status and case history, as well as Client financial information.
    • You can email certain status reports to your clients.
    • All information flows from the initial data entry to the various subsystems. The system only requires new information to be added as you move to the next step in the case management process.
    • The system is replete with many status and production reports that are extremely valuable to your clients and your back-office managers.
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